My fandom is F@!*ED UP!!

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Current Layout
- Image credit: Scanned and edited by me.

- Compatible with Mozilla Firefox only
- Made at 1024 x 768
- All codes and designs are MINE. If you need layout or graphic help just ASK.

Adding Me
Although I am friends only, I will usually add anyone I have met before. I am only friends only to keep drama to a minimum because I do have a rather big rant-style attitude. If you want me to add you, just tell me how I may know you. Via community, neopets, another friend, whatever.

Before you Add me
- I rant and whine a lot: this includes kissy-kissy goo-goo entries about the people I stalk.
- I never really bring it up in my day to day entries, but I am a very big faghag, I love slash, shonen-ai, boy on boy, all that. If you have a problem with things like that and are harshly outspoken about it, as in any kind of severe homophobia, dont even consider me.
- Im agnostic with a pagan attitude, so I might insult your religion from time to time. I dont go out of my way to do it, but I do say some rather mean things at times. Althought, I am generally tolerant to peoples beliefs, I just get annoyed by certain groups at times.
- Sometimes I will write entries full of profanity, because I have a poor temper. I usually give a fair warning though.
My fandom is F@!*ED UP!!

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To save you all from my emo drama, Ill get right down to the nitty gritty. Im unhappy and I currently have no clue what I want. So, there is no journal. A lot of the friends I originally had on LJ have abandoned me, disappeared, or up and deleted their journals. The communities I used to love are now usually full or drama, or I dont feel accepted anymore. Right now I am thinking of just having a real journal. You know... paper and pen. Because the only reason I guess I have one online is to make friends, and that obvious didnt work out so well.

If you want me to add you when or if I get a new journal just leave a comment. My contact information is the same if anyone wants to talk, but I doubt it. If I do start an online journal it will be over at ekibento. Sorry
My fandom is F@!*ED UP!!

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So today is Katie 17th birthday, happy happy KT! Her party was yesterday, it was pretty fun. Small, nice. With vicious mean fire ants who like to eat my toes while we tape Christmas balloons to Katies mailbox... long story. Ive been doing more driving with my school, too. I went to Cleveland yesterday, lots of fun... I think Im getting better.